Pet Expenses Can Really Add Up

While pets certainly can improve your quality of life, you’ll probably spend more on a furry, feathered, or scaled buddy than you think. In addition to the purchase cost of the animal, there are the costs of vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and worming. And don’t forget the daily costs of food, treats, preventive medicines, grooming, and kenneling if you go away. All these expenses add up.

According to MSN Money, a dog typically costs more than $8,000 during its lifetime and a cat typically costs more than $10,000.

Ways to Save on Expenses


Adopting an animal could save you money, because the initial purchase price, vaccinations, and spaying for neutering are usually included in the nominal adoption fee.

Buy Generic

Buy generic animal food and supplies as long as they have the same high-quality ingredients as the name-brand options.

Buy Online

Order your pet's medications from a specialized site to save some money.

Before you purchase your pet, do some research about the pet that interests you.  Make sure the pet type and breed you choose will jibe with your personality and lifestyle.

"Many people often pick the wrong breed for their family and then get rid of the animal not too far down the line," says Dr. Al Raymond, a veterinarian at the Animal Wellness Center in Davis, California, "Talk to a vet and research animal breed personality traits."

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