Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer Request


I hereby authorize St. Paul Federal Credit Union to pay off the balance(s) due on the following credit card(s) by means of a Cash Advance charged to my St. Paul Federal Platinum Rewards Visa credit card.

Card or Loan Balances to be Transferred

Balance 1

Street, City, State, Zip

Balance 2

Street, City, State, Zip

Balance 3

Street, City, State, Zip

Transfer Agreement Terms and Conditions

  1. Along with these Terms and Conditions, I understand balance transfers are subject to the terms and conditions, including applicable fees, as previously disclosed in my Credit Card Agreement.
  2. I understand that balance transfers are contingent upon account setup and assigned credit, and that St. Paul Federal may not be able to process a balance transfer request if it exceeds my available credit limit.
  3. St. Paul Federal will pay my balances in the order listed in the event that my credit limit does not allow for all Financial Institutions/Card Issuers to be paid.
  4. I will need to continue to make my minimum required payment to these creditors until the requested transfer payment appears on the account's billing statement, or I otherwise confirm the transfer.
  5. I understand that it may take up to 4 weeks to process my balance transfer request.
  6. Funds will be sent only to recognized creditors of financial institutions, and will not be sent to my home or billing address.
  7. St. Paul Federal is not responsible for any remaining balance on these accounts, or for any finance or other charges I incur due to delays in transferring a balance.
  8. If I request that you transfer an amount for a transaction I dispute, I may lose some or all of my rights against the creditor.
  9. I understand that St. Paul Federal can pay my account directly, but that St. Paul Federal cannot close any account for me. If I wish to close any of these accounts, I must directly contact the creditor.