Top Ten Reasons for Buying American

As if you needed more reasons to buy American, here are ten more!

  1. Create jobs

    Buying American products creates American jobs. You can help reverse the outsourcing trend by choosing goods that are made in the USA!
  2. Decrease pollution

    Many of the countries producing goods for American companies have little regard for the environment. Soil, air and water are regularly abused and priceless resources are needlessly wasted as a result. Buy American-made to help keep our planet clean!
  3. Guaranteed quality of goods

    Foreign-made goods may be cheaper, but you’ll usually get cheaper quality as well. In contrast, products proudly tagged as “Made in the USA,” can be counted on for unsurpassed quality and expert craftsmanship.
  4. Health

    Products manufactured abroad are not subject to strict regulations like American-made goods are. They may pose choking hazards to young children, or even contain harmful chemicals like lead – it’s happened in the recent past.
  5. Boost American investment opportunities

    A boost in American manufacturing means a boost in American investment opportunities. Naturally, increased investments mean a surge for the entire economy.
  6. Protect human rights

    Many countries producing goods for American companies have few or no regulations protecting the rights and safety of employees. An astonishing 2015 report from the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights revealed that Chinese workers producing toys for American brands, like Mattel and Disney, were forced to work 12- to 13-hour days and sleep in crowded, unheated dormitories.
    By supporting American-made goods, you are protesting such atrocities.
  7. Ripple effect

    When you choose “Made in USA,” your money does more than create manufacturing jobs. The wages those American workers earned because of your choice go back into our economy. American taxes are paid. More American products are purchased. The economy grows, thanks to your choices.
  8. Reduce the trade deficit

    Tough economic times have placed the USA in an unfavorable position with foreign markets. Help reduce and eventually eliminate our country’s trade deficit by investing in American products.
  9. Conservation

    Foreign-made products need to be shipped to the USA, often from practically across the world. All that travel comes with a hefty price in carbon footprints. Precious resources, like petroleum, are wasted in transport and harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere. Conserve our resources and buy American!
  10. Avoid foreign political debates

    Importing goods to the USA can mean facing loads of barriers, especially with nations that currently have tense relationships with America. By buying American goods, you’ll avoid those obstacles.

If you’d love to buy American but can’t seem to find those elusive American products, you may need to spend some time checking labels. To make that task easier, check out the hundreds of sites dedicated to supporting American goods, like Made in USA, Americans Working and the USA Love List.