Quick Pay

Introducing Quick Pay - Another safe, fast, and convenient way to pay your St. Paul Federal Loans!

You can now make your St. Paul Federal loan payments online with a checking account*, a debit card*, or a credit card* from another financial institution.

You can also quickly and conveniently make payments using your St. Paul Federal Credit Union accounts, as well as your previously set up external transfer accounts through the new Quick Pay service.

Set up your payments by clicking on the "Quick Pay" link at the top of our website, or once you have logged in to eBanking, selecting "Quick Pay" from the Services menu. The service is available prior to login from our website, as well as in eBanking and mBanking for your convenience.

Make a single payment, or set up recurring payments, it's up to you.

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* St. Paul Federal Credit Union debit and credit cards cannot be used for this service. A $10 convenience fee applies for payments made using a debit or credit card, or an eCheck from another financial institution.