Each month, St. Paul Federal Credit Union, has at least 3 - $100 WINcentive Savings Account Winners! Prize drawings occur monthly, quarterly and annually – so the more you save, the more chances you have to win! You could even end up winning the grand prize of $5,000! Be sure to check back each month to see if you are one of our winners! See each of Winners below!

November 2016

Darlene F.

Darryl N.

Wincentive Winner 2016 11 1

William F.

Daniel B.

Pat H.

Wincentive Winner 2016 11 2

October 2016

Peter H.

James C.

Ryan E.

Mark G.

Wincentive Winner 2016 01 3

Ralph R.

September 2016

Sandra P.

Wincentive 500 Winner Photo Pending

Renee A.

Gary L.

Carolee M.

Wincentive Winner 2016 09 1

Jonathan S.

August 2016

Peter B.

Wendy T.

Jenny J.

Ryan E.

Ronald P.

Michiko S.

Timothy F.

Sandra P.

July 2016

Linda S.

Sophia B.

Carolee M.

Daniel B.

June 2016

Bridget E.

Linda S.

Ralph P.

Matthew S.

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