Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to attain, foster, and preserve a lifetime relationship with individual members, staff and stakeholders by implementing innovative technology and financial security. We passionately deliver professional, personal service and equitable financial solutions that will educate, encourage and support the growth of those relationships.

Our Vision

As we continue to grow and find new and exciting ways to best serve our members, our core commitment to provide hometown service to every person who walks through our doors will always remain.

Our Core Values


At St. Paul Federal, COMMUNICATION means we are committed to ambitiously listening to our members’ needs and concerns. We provide compassionate feedback by creatively developing and customizing ethical financial solutions that benefit our members.


At St. Paul Federal, HONESTY means compassionately considering each individual with genuine, straightforward fairness and decency, resulting in a strong committed lasting relationship.


At St. Paul Federal, RESPECT means acknowledging all individuals without bias, creating an inclusive atmosphere or acceptance and empathy. We will be flexible and supportive of changes to individual needs and situations.


At St. Paul Federal, CONSISTENCY means the stable, efficient, effective service and consultative interaction we deliver every time. With unwavering pride we can be depended on to reliably assist in fostering growth for the financial well-being of all.


At St. Paul Federal, PASSION means the compelling feeling of enthusiasm, commitment and devotion that provides an advantage that effectively creates and enhances solutions for financial success.


At St. Paul Federal, ACCOUNTABILITY means taking ownership and providing thorough explanations to achieve distinctive results by setting realistic goals using innovative resources.


At St. Paul Federal, ETHICAL means demonstrating moral integrity by making honorable, efficient and fair decisions.


At St. Paul Federal, COMMITMENT means our faithful promise of enthusiastic dedication while delivering dependable financial services.


At St. Paul Federal, LOYALTY means the honor, joy and belief we have in being faithfully dedicated to the best interest of all.