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Auto Loan Rates

Auto Loan Rates

Auto Model Years – LESS than 10 years old

Last Updated: August 21, 2023

TermLowest Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
12 Months6.29%
24 Months6.29%
36 Months6.29%
48 Months6.29%
60 Months6.29%
72 Months6.29%
84 Months8.29%

Auto Model Years – MORE than 10 years old

TermLowest Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
12 Months12.75%
24 Months12.75%
36 Months12.75%
48 Months12.75%
60 Months12.75%
72 Months12.75%

Financing is also available for older vehicles, such as classic vehicles. Please ask a Member Service Representative or Loan Officer for more information.

All rates are deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Please check with the credit union with any questions you may have regarding rates. Rates can change at any time. Rates and terms are based on an individuals credit worthiness. Rates quoted are the lowest possible rates and reflect borrowers with exceptional credit history. All rates are based on term. All loans are subject to credit approval.